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A view of the Castle of Curiel de Duero
The Castle of Curiel: Brief History

The Castle of Curiel: Brief History

The Castle of Curiel de Duero is the most ancient fortress in the province of Valladolid for it was built in the Roman date (a coin of Emperor Arcadius, from the fourth century AD, was found on site during the reconstruction works). The surrounding walls were probably, from the seventh century AD.

The first documentation about the castle dates from the eleventh century. The building belonged to several kings and queens of Castile and Leon (Alfonso VII, Alfonso VIII, Alfonso IX, Fernando III "The Saint", Alfonso X "The Wise", Sancho IV "The Brave", Alfonso XI, Pedro I "The Cruel", Enrique II of Trastámara, etc).

The Castle was part of the dowry valuables in the marriages of Leonor Plantagenet, Infanta Estefanía, Doña Berenguela "The Great", Doña Violante, etc. For about two hundred years it was a prison for nobles and kings: Jaime IV of Mallorca, the Infante Don Juan, the Earl of Pembroke, Diego of Castilla (son of Pedro I) imprisoned in Curiel for 54 years (he was set free at the age of 64). The Castle has been a witness of the Reconquest of the valley of the river Duero over the Muslims, and also of the repopulation of these lands in the 9th to 11th centuries.

As the castle stands on top of a rocky hill it was practically unconquerable; even nowadays its imposing silhouette makes the visitor wonder about how could it be built, and what a hard work must have been the reconstruction from absolute ruins.

Today the fortress has become a luxurious hotel with 26 guest rooms and suites, several function rooms, restaurant, dining rooms for banquets, swimming pool, solarium, terraces for meetings and celebrations, etc.

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